Write a mini saga about the lie guy

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Write a mini saga about the lie guy

The rules were simple: Your story must have a beginning, middle and end. It must be exactly 50 words or plus 2 either way! It must be excellent! So, here are some efforts!

Cautiously, I surveyed the desolate house. Cobwebs brushed against my skin as I trampled over the flattened boxes. Shivering with dismay, sweat poured down my face. Why had I come back? My heart was pounding ferociously.

From the shadows a sneering clown lunged at me… — Komal I could not stand being here, But I had to take my punishment. Everything is so lonesome in here. I remember how I killed my parents, my brother and sister in the deadly fire.

Being the only survivor I was to blame, I never meant to kill them, Or me… — Shivani Completely inseparable, the four puppies always played together. They were friends and the owners were friends too.

One day, they went to walk in the park releasing the puppies to play. Happy together, the owners went to buy something. When they returned, the puppies had disappeared… forever? The time had come; the explosion was only a few minutes away. Everyone was preparing, NASA and the army have made a bomb to stop it.

She had been shot in the head and the doctor pronounced her death at 2: Katherine staggered back to the forest. There was a loud bang; nobody ever saw Katherine again. Just remember, up is never where you are now. Our team stepped onto the pitch.

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The awe-inspiring match had started. Germany snatched the ball immediately, but failed to score in the first half. It was time to make history.

The ball flew furiously.How to write a short, funny and interesting history.

50 word mini sagas

Just in fifty words. She'd already rolled out 5 ideas. She though none of them was good enough. Then the alarm rang. She'd never leave the mini-saga for the latest day! Naia's Mini Saga THE LIE Carol told his parents she's going to sleep to a friend's house.

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But really she's going to a disco. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words (no more, no less) It’s easy and fun to write mini-sagas because you don’t have to write long essays and the topics are varied. Dec 06,  · “The lie of the money” A sheikh enters an indebit hotel, gives euros and begins to see rooms.

While, an employee takes the money and pays the supplier, who then pays the prostitude, who pays the hotel room she had used before.

Then write a first draft without worrying about the number of words. c Now count the words and then try to cut or add words until the story is the right lausannecongress2018.com your final version and hand in to your teacher next Tuesday. Created Date: Z. It was a personal trip, so I paid out of pocket.

I managed to snag a reasonable one-way fare of $ — not bad for the airline’s lie-flat premium transcon biz class.

write a mini saga about the lie guy

I returned my fun Mini Cooper convertible at National, hit up the Amex Centurion Lounge and eventually made my way to my flight to Newark. After I settled into seat 1A, a flight attendant came by to take my pre-departure beverage order.

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