Stuffy writing a letter

The idea here is inspiration, not copying! My background is in marketing communications and project management.

Stuffy writing a letter

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You are perfectly right. Amey October 25, at 3: My ideal would be something ever so slightly more formal but still in conversational language. This essentially plays the same role as the cover letters I see discussed here, but also part of the role that a resume would play.

I never know if I should incorporate all of the criteria from the person specification into paragraphs in a letter, use bullet points, or a table.

In this case the person specification is a separate document and the criteria is not actually listed on the form.

Amey October 26, at 2: So you want to make it as clear as possible to people reading a hundred applications that you tick all of those boxes. The example is really important. For us and the sort of jobs I hire for student-facing professional services with some specialist knowledge required you do want to come across as personable and professional but something too chatty will look a bit out of touch.

We have a quick look but expect you to pull out the relevant points in your personal statement. Hope this helps a bit! Laura I posted above that this would really put me off in the UK.

They are are clearly very different cultural job marketplaces. Obviously it was a great success in the US, so fair dos. Then again I was never comfortable with the stereotypical American enthusiasm. Maybe the right, very low-key, in-house position would dig it but I would generally opt for formality just to be safe.

Even legal tech jobs are formal in their hiring processes. CoffeeLover October 25, at 3: It sounded pompous almost. I made it more to the point and direct while still being formal.

stuffy writing a letter

Took out the big fancy words. Does that sound alright? Princess Consuela Banana Hammock October 25, at 3: Lawyers are pretty aggressive about passive voice i.

Unfortunately a lot of lawyers never quite figure out the distinction between clarity and formality. You can be formal and easy to read, which includes cutting out pompous words.

The Voice of Reason Who are these mythical lawyers whining eschew the passive voice? I never see judges. Working Hypothesis October 25, at 5: The first thing they taught us was to dump the passive voice out the nearest window and never use it again.

The second was never to use a long Latinate word when a short Anglo-Saxon word would do. Susanne October 25, at 3: For example — look at how your standards of dress have remained formal, whereas the rest of the corporate world morphed to business casual a long time ago.

I say this observationally and matter-of-factly, not judgmentally. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock October 25, at Folks used to appear in court in morning dress some still do in the Supreme Court. But yes, we are a stodgy and backwards profession.88 thoughts on “ Timelessness ” July 2, at pm.

Hey everyone! This was a great writing prompt, I came across this and instantly had a story. 3K words actually, which I know is far more than a comment allows. Seems somewhat stuffy and has more Latin than I would have wished for--although, in truth, I would have wished for none--but it does quote a wonderful gruff letter written by Samuel Johnson to someone whose patronage he had requested.

Writing Well for Business Success: A Complete Guide to Style, Grammar, and Usage at Work [Sandra E. Lamb] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. So much of success in business depends on writing well.

From resumes to reports, proposals to presentations. Some people are fortunate in being able easily to make graceful letters, to space their words evenly, and to put them on a page so that the picture is pleasing; others are discouraged at the outset because their fingers are clumsy, and their efforts crude; but no matter how badly formed each individual letter may be, if the writing is consistent throughout, the page as a whole looks fairly well.

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stuffy writing a letter

Find Words. Stuffy is a Scrabble word. Scrabble point value for stuffy: 15 points. If one or more words can be unscrambled with all the letters entered plus one new letter, then they will also be displayed. In writing, tone is defined as the writer's attitude toward the reader and the subject of the message.

The overall tone of a written message affects the reader just as one's tone of voice affects the listener in everyday exchanges.

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