Research proposal compact fluorescent lighting

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Research proposal compact fluorescent lighting

The estimated payback period for buying the CFL instead of the incandescent bulb is, therefore, hours, which is days at 5 hours per evening.

Research proposal compact fluorescent lighting

I don't know enough about all of this to say which explanation is better, but it's clearly inconsistent. Even standard hr V frosted lamps used in the UK do better than the figures listed there.

The V hr and hr frosted lamps used in the US are going to be significantly better than even UK hr V lamps. What's really needed is a graph, so I knocked one up giving lumens verses Watts for the different lamp ranges.

I ignored the incandescent figures in the table as they're wrong, and used Philips figures for standard UK frosted hr GLS A-line lamps. I used the table's figures for the CFL's, as I haven't bothered to get better ones, but the kink in the line puts them under question too.

So if someone can dig out all the US V values, I'll add them too. I'm not sure if US commonly uses hr or hr lamps—be clear and consistent in which data you provide as they;ll be significantly different.

Graph here removed and superceeded by graph below, 28 March Sorry, the graph source isn't pretty. This is my first time using the tool, and I couldn't work out how to do a number of things I wanted to in particular, calculations in the coordinate positionings to get the scale and offsets applied without resorting to magic numbers everywhere.

Note Philips do not offer Hr 75W and W lamps.


WLD talk edits When discussing the cost of use, the fact that the incandescent needs to be replaced 7 or so times should enter into the calculations.

This appears to have been neglected and may make the high initial cost of CFLs less relevant.

Research proposal compact fluorescent lighting

What do people think about replacing the table with this or something based on it at least? It looks like a 3: This data does look more credible—there is no kink in the line for starters which is a good sign.

Also, the light output was slightly higher than the original figures—that could be because the original figures were dated. I'm the one who keeps truncating this section, including the above formula-with-pictures. Anything beyond that, and you're turning this article into cheerleading.

There's nothing wrong with providing the positive information about CFLs, but please, avoid "dumbing it down" to embellish simple facts. Wikipedia should provide facts, not make the case for you.

And if you're going to include financial comparisons, I see nothing wrong with saying that it "pays back" its initial cost much faster than the prevailing rate of return, but it needs to make clear that this is because you're using a light source a lot of people don't like. For example, how would Wikipedia explain the financial advantages of eating only gruel?

Use the same kind of comparison. It produces values intermediate between those provided by a manufacturer. If it showed only data points rather than the smooth curves it would be acceptable. A table would be the best presentation to avoid original research. The watts definitely should be along the x axis as that is the independent vartiable and the light it produces is the dependent variable.

It should be possible to produce a similar chart with the data points and without the continuous curves. I buy a bulb and install it; that is the action I have direct control of. I do not force a bulb to produce a given amount of light and then see what wattage it consumes alhough in the first 2 years of production of bamboo filament light bulbs in the earlythey did in fact adjust the voltage to get exactly 16 candlepower and then note the voltage rating for the bulb.

"compact fluorescent lighting" Cancel. GE Lighting CFL 26W Plug In 2 Pin Double Biax Compact Fluorescent Replacement Bulb. by GE Lighting. $ $ 4 FREE Shipping on eligible orders. More Buying Choices. $2 Compact Fluorescent, GX24Q-3 Base, Triple 4 Pin, 26W Bulb. LIGHTING THE WAY/PATH TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY Student Sustainability Proposal for WMRC Oct 14, I. SUMMARY Funding Requested $21, Annual Energy Reduction 59, kWh Replace the incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL). The WMRC. Date Context Summary of development Action; to - The Administration commissioned the Waste Reduction Study in The recommendations of the study which were set out in the form of a Draft Waste Reduction Plan were published for public consultation in mid

How would 16 candlepower translate to the lumen ratings used today? I'll take another look at doing this though. The existing table data is simply completely wrong, as many people have commented. There's no indication where it came from.

Even if you can't buy a 50W filament lamp in your country, that's still useful information. The range of common wattages available in different countries varies in any case. Rough conversion is 12 lumens is 1 candlepower, but they are not measurements of exactly the same thing.

Candlepower is defined in terms of a green wavelength in the peak of the eye's response, and lumens are defined as a weighted curve matching all the eye's response. Candlepower is an obsolete concept and is a misleading measurement for non-black-body emitters such as fluorescent phosphors.

I thought that the Kelvin scale was originally developed to quantify the temperatures of stars.DOE is proposing a new lighting standard that would apply to General Service Lamps, including LED and compact fluorescent lights.

This rule would take effect in These standards would not apply to incandescent bulbs, which will instead need to meet the congressionally mandated backstop . Advantages and Disadvantages.

Fluroscent light bulbs are better than incandescent bulbs in almost every way: lifetime cost, environmental impact and energy savings.. Longevity.

The fluorescent light bulb is known to reduce replacement costs and is . Fluorescent lamp recycling initiatives in the United States and a recycling proposal based on extended producer responsibility and product stewardship concepts.

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