Race cleansing

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Race cleansing

The term entered the international vocabulary in connection with the Yugoslav wars.

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In the Yugoslav media it started to be used in the early s in relation to the alleged Kosovar Albanian policy of creating ethnically homogeneous territory in Kosovo by the expulsion of the Serbian population.

In the wars of Yugoslav succession, ethnic cleansing was a strategy used widely by all sides, starting with the expulsion of Croats from the areas in Croatia inhabited by Serbs. The Race cleansing goal of Race cleansing actions was to alter the demographic structure of the territory by getting rid of the unwanted ethnic groups.

The origin and the extended usage of the term ethnic cleansing in the public discourse of the s could create the impression that it describes a historically new phenomenon.

In reality it was only an invention of a new term to describe an age old practice. It was carried out widely with or without significant coercion or as part of murderous genocidal campaigns. It was employed by empires, small communities, dictatorial and democratic regimes, and in all historical periods.

Mann puts ethnic cleansing on a continuum together with assimilation and genocide. The targeted population for cleansing could be a religious minority, an ethnic group, or simply political ideological opponents.

The political and historical context of cleansing can also be strategic, with the goal of removing the population that presents a potential threat. Historical evidence reveals numerous examples of the practice.

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Some historical accounts indicate, for example, that Assyrian rulers made a state policy of forced resettlement of their conquered lands and the replacement of the population by settlers from another region Bell Fialkoff In the Middle Ages cleansing was mainly applied against religious minorities.

Anthony Marx argues that religious intolerance — specifically, the exclusion of religious minorities from the nascent state — provided the glue that bonded the remaining population together. The rise of modern nationalism and the nation state created a new framework for such cleansing activities.

There are endless examples of cleansing, exchanges, or exoduses of populations accompanying the creation of modern nation states.

Exchanges of populations between Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey were sanctioned by international treaties the Convention of Adrianople and the peace treaty between Bulgaria and Turkey.

The partition of India, the creation of the state of Israel, the division of Cyprus, and the successor states of the former Yugoslavia are just a few examples.

One of the biggest ethnic cleansings, culminating in extermination, was the Nazi campaign against the Jews. The Holocaust combined elements of deportation, expulsion, population transfer, massacre, and genocide.

Some other examples of very similar practices in modern times are the holocaust of Armenians and the massacres of Tutsis by Hutus known as the Rwandan genocide.

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The second type of cleansing was directed toward different types of class enemies — kulaks, alleged enemy spies, and collaborators. In Asia, the Chinese and Cambodian communists accepted bloodlines as a way of identifying class enemies. It killed about half the number of Cambodians with a bourgeois background.

A Metaphor For Our Time? Ethnic and Racial Studies 18 1: Bell-Fialkoff, Ethnic Cleansing.

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Palgrave, Macmillan and St.Madison Grant’s The Passing of the Great Race, which Hitler is said to have read and admired, called for putting aside a “sentimental belief in the sanctity of human life.” Grant envisioned a massive eugenic cleansing that would solve once and for all the problem of the unfit and their offspring: “In mankind it would not be a matter of great difficulty to secure a general consensus of public opinion as to the least .

“Race Cleansing” in Zimbabwe: UN Sees No Evil by Tom DeWeese | 25 Sep Only the United Nations, we’re told, has the vision and the moral authority to be the keepers of justice in the world.

Race Cleansing in America There is always a binary opposition to living beings’ existence. Binary opposition is the principle of contrast between two mutually exclusive terms: .

Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or racial groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, often with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous. [page needed] The forces applied may be various forms of forced migration (deportation, population transfer), intimidation, as well as genocide and genocidal rape.

Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America [Patrick Phillips] on lausannecongress2018.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Race cleansing

A gripping tale of racial cleansing in Forsyth County, Georgia, and a harrowing testament to the deep roots of racial violence in America. Forsyth County.

Race cleansing

The anti-Chinese riot in Seattle saw many white Seattlites behave shamefully while some, like Judge Thomas Burke, behaved heroically.

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