Profanity in academic writing

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Profanity in academic writing

It makes you sound less qualified.

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In other words, people know who the fuck I am. And obviously, that I use profanity in my prose. Though my language has calmed down compared to when I first began writing back inthere are still F-bombs sprinkled throughout my work.

Some people dig the F-bombs. But hey, I get it. Alas, after hearing these complaints I can only count 3 complaints out of my 10, readersI still had to sit down with myself and ask: Is my career in youth sports doomed by tossing around F-bombs? You can probably guess the answers to these: Rather, I talk about unicorns, Disney World, funfetti cookies, rainbows, and Star Wars during my sessions.

Put another away, my focus is to teach soccer, exercise science, and youth physical development. I take my job seriously like any other coaching professional.

Beyonce would still be a queen. And red wine would still be the nectar of the Gods. Not all of my writing, however, is raunchy. I follow the rules of their language and writing guidelines, and keep it classy.

That has a ton of profanity. Kids are busier playing Pokemon, perusing their phones, eating snowballs, or taking selfies. Fuck outta here with the dumb argument. Funny enough, I remember I had a conversation over the phone with a coach about this.

The former, no doubt. To my surprise, one of my year-old girl soccer players read this piece. What profanity does is it grabs attention and delivers a message with conviction. And not to blow sunshine up my own ass, but I writeword articles which is pretty fucking long for someone to sit throughand you know what?

People actually read my shit. So why do people read my shit? In fact, I was told by several people this line changed their view on being busy: Are you really that busy that you had time to compose a status about how busy you are? In other words, it hit home.

profanity in academic writing

That nasty language served as the impetus for someone to make positive improvements in their life? With that said, sometimes, people need a spicy call-out like this in order to take radical action.

The power of profanity is tremendous, no doubt. It delivers a needed punch. Not only has it kept my readers interested, and eager to make life changes, but it has kept me sane. Truthfully, I feel so immersed in the present moment when I write like this.

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Sure, not everyone will approve, and sure, people will criticize.News and Announcements THE CINCINNATI BALLET Visited the Elementary School on Sept 6th, REPORT CARD GRADE AND DISTRICT PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. Profanity is gold when it comes to writing and blogging about real shit like sports.

If you don’t like profanity then Fuck you and that click you claim! erica July 24, Reply. Thumbs up for the most lavish and entertaining anthology of writing on film ever, assembled by America's best known and most trusted movie critic.

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How to handle swear words in quote / transcription? up vote 37 down vote favorite. 2. In my research, I interview practitioners/real users. If a non-adult were to be reading (or writing) no-one should get the impression that your academic writing style involves liberal use of swearwords. Lately, Dan Brown has been writing his thriller novels under the forbidding eye of Zeus, the king of gods.

Which is a bit ironic, given that Brown vaulted to fame, success and bestseller lists by.

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