Paper sunflowers

I mixed up a few shades of purple and pinks… Winter Cityscapes December 6, By Laura Winds are howling outside and the temps are dropping fast! I guess it is time to start creating some beautiful winter projects. I love the change of seasons and… Alpine Trees Vol. Winter is a beautiful time of year and to celebrate, my students created these delightful alpine trees.

Paper sunflowers

Patterns are Adobe PDF files. The Adobe Reader is available for free. Cut Cut out the petal sections. On the 10" pattern, there are two sections back-to-back, and on the 6" pattern there are four sections in two back-to-back sets.

You need four petal sections to make one sunflower. Cut out one circle piece for each flower. First, cut the two sections of four petals apart on the dark center line, then cut around the petals. DO NOT cut the petals apart! Fold Fold each section of petals in an accordion manner.

With the printed side up, make mountain folds in the center of each petal, and valley folds between the petals. A mountain fold has the fold crease pointing up and a valley fold has the fold crease pointing down. Repeat with the other three sections of petals. Tape Place a 1" 2. After taping, the sections are L-shaped.

Paper sunflowers

Turn the petal sections wrong-side up printed side down. Line another petal section up beside the one with the tape sticking up. Fold the tape down into the outer petal on the second section. Repeat with the other sections, taping the last section to the first section.

Turn the flower right-side up. The flower is a little floppy at this stage.

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Turn the center over and put a generous amount of glue on the back. Gently run the glue stick over the creases in the center of the flower.

Hold the center by the edges and place it glue side down in the center of the flower. Press the center down lightly.

Be sure the glued surface is touching all the petals.

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Allow the glue to dry. To create a strong glue bond, turn the flower with glued center face-down on a non-stick surface waxed paper and weigh the flower down with a small paperback book or a small pad of paper. The second center circle can be glued to the back of the flower.

This will make the flower firmer, and creates a more finished look for sunflowers that are hung as a garland.

The finished sunflower can be propped on a shelf or hung with tape or a push pin. You can also string sunflowers together to form a bright and cheerful garland. Or, use the sunflower as a beautiful gift package topper.

Print the Sunflower Extras pattern with leaves and butterflies. Cut out the leaves for your size of sunflower, crease lightly on the center line and glue to the center back.As I mentioned last week, I was really wanting to celebrate the end of summer – so I crafted up some beautiful paper sunflowers for a little dinner party.

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The sunflowers grow wild outside our fence.

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They’re tall with firm stalks and long leaves that crisp and brown in the sunlight. The black, seedy heads are as large as my palm and petals fringe. Van Gogh’s paintings of Sunflowers are among his most famous.

He did them in Arles, in the south of France, in and Vincent painted a total of five large canvases with sunflowers in a vase, with three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’.

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