Measurment scales paper

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Measurment scales paper

Abdul Bangash Research Proposal Sections 1. Title or Cover page 2. Background including Literature survey 5. Description of proposed methodology 6. List of references 7. Title or Cover page The title page usually includes the name of the agency to which the proposal is being submitted, the title of the proposal, the name and address of the University submitting the proposal, and the date submitted.

A good title is usually a compromise between conciseness and explicitness. Although titles should be comprehensive enough to indicate the nature of the proposed work, they should also be Measurment scales paper. Abstract Every proposal, even very brief ones, should have an abstract. Some readers read only the abstract, and most readers rely on it initially to give them a quick overview of the proposal and later to refresh their memory of its main points.

Though it appears first, the abstract should be written last, as a concise summary approximately words of the proposal. Introduction The introduction of a proposal should begin with a statement of what is being proposed and then should proceed to introduce the subject to a stranger.

You should not assume that your reader is familiar with your subject. It should give enough background to enable him to place your particular research problem in a context of common knowledge and should show how its solution will advance the field or be important for some other work.

Be careful not to overstate, but do not neglect to state very specifically what the importance of your research is. Background including Literature survey Literature reviews should be selective and critical. Reviewers do not want to read through a large working bibliography; they want to know the especially important work and your evaluation of them.

A list of works with no clear evidence that you have studied them and have opinions about them contributes almost nothing to the proposal. Discussions of work done by others should therefore lead the reader to a clear impression of how you will be building upon what has already been done and how your work differs from theirs.

Measurment scales paper

It is important to establish what is original in your approach, what circumstances have changed since related work was done, or what is unique about the proposed research. Description of Proposed Methodology The Method section is very important because it tells the top management how you plan to tackle your research problem.

It will provide your work plan and describe the activities necessary for the completion of your project. List of References If a list of references is to be included, it is placed at the end of the text proper and before the sections on personnel and budget. The items should be numbered and should be in the order in which they are first referred to in the text.

In contrast to an alphabetical bibliography, authors' names in a list of references should not be reversed. Personnel This section usually consists an explanation of the proposed personnel arrangements and the biographical data sheets for each of the main contributors to the project.

The explanation should specify how many persons at what percentage of time and in what academic categories will be participating in the project. If the program is complex and involves people from other departments or colleges, the organization of the staff and the lines of responsibility should be made clear.

What does that mean? For purpose of analyzing the results of this variable we arbitrarily assign the values 1,2 and 3 to the three attributes.

Measurment scales paper

Why level of measurement is important? First, knowing the level of measurement helps you to decide how to interpret the data from that variable. When you know that a measure is nominal, then you know that the numerical values are just short codes for the longer names.

Second, knowing the level of measurement helps you to decide what statistical analysis is appropriate on the values that were assigned. Types of level of measurement 1 Nominal Scale:Easiest Answer The paper in portrait position, grab the top right corner and fold diagonally so that the top edge of the paper lines up with the left edge of the paper perfectly.

This will leave approx 2 inches at the bottom, below the fold.

Chapter 3: Levels Of Measurement And Scaling

Fold that 2 inches up, creasing along the edge of the first fold. Indexes and scales are important and useful tools in social science research. They have both similarities and differences among them.

An index is a way of compiling one score from a variety of questions or statements that represents a belief, feeling, or attitude. Scales, on the other hand, measure. The ratio scale of measurement is nearly the same as the interval scale, however, it differs in that it has an absolute value of zero, and so it is the only scale that satisfies all four properties of measurement.

Scale on a map determines how much data will be displayed. It is sometimes difficult to relate the distance on a map to a real distance on the Earth. For instance, a map scale of , tells us that 1 unit of measurement represents 25, of the same units on the Earth's surface.

If you find map. These free Printable Rulers are easy to print. Each is available in PDF format: just download one, open it in a PDF reader, and print.

Research Design and Scales of Measurement

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