Letter to the dead

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Letter to the dead

Most often Persephone is depicted as a beautiful maiden either being kidnapped by her husband or returning to her mother. But the Persephone I encountered was a weathered woman climbing and clawing her way out of the Underworld through the dirt of earth.

She used her Underworld crown as a plough and carried in her pockets letters from the Dead to their beloveds still living.

Letter to the dead

You can read more in my March newsletter. She must prepare for both departure and arrival at this time of year. She sadly says goodbye to some while anticipating reunion with others. What calls Persephone from one world to the next?

How does she know when to begin her preparations? In as I stood under the September harvest moon in an orchard watching Goddesses Descending, it came to me. In spring, the days of the growing moons from new to full following the Spring Equinox set her on her journey back to earth.

The waning moons after the Fall Equinox invite her to depart. The pace of her journey may vary from year to year or place to place depending on what is happening in the lunar and natural world. When the Fall Equinox arrives we enter the days Persephone Descending.

Then as full moons fade to dark in October and November, Persephone prepares, Persephone descends. Perhaps you feel the weight of this time as she grows heavy.

And if you feel it, too,you might consider your heaviness in another light, a lunar light. This heavy time brings a dark gift of attuning to the Divine, to the eternal cycles. The trees know this as they let down their leaves in fluttering surrender. Perhaps you may take the tree as your spiritual director.

And as our perspective on this descent time shifts, we can open to opportunity, have a more expansive view. Recognize that our loss of Persephone brings a boon for the Dead. She is their Queen and comfort who loves them. She is the Traveler who has been away but now returns with new stories and gifts.

You can help Persephone make her reunion with the Dead. You can send gifts and stories along with Her. You can write letters to the Dead. It may seem strange. You may doubt your letter can travel such a long distance. But just the act of writing and sending the letter might heal your heart.

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I am writing letters in these days and offer these ideas to spark your own letter writing rituals. Who do you want to write to? Joining in conversation with the boundaryless there is no limited to the possibility. A long-dead writer who inspired you.Letter to the editor: We have a 'dead fish' in the White House Oct 4, ; Submit a letter to the editor.

Letters to the editor on topics of general interest are welcomed and encouraged. Letters to the Dead. From the late Old Kingdom (about BC) to the late New Kingdom (about BC) there survive about fifteen letters written to relatives who had recently died.

A funeral resolution is a formal acknowledgment of the relationship between the deceased and a church community. It is delivered at a funeral to honor someone who has died by . Love Letters to the Dead is more than a stunning debut. It is the announcement of a bold new literary voice.” It is the announcement of a bold new literary voice.” ― Stephen Chbosky, author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower/5().

Baptism for the Dead Letters Further instructions and clarification on this new practice were to come. In August , Joseph Smith was accused as an accessory in the attempted murder of Lilburn W. Boggs, the former governor of Missouri.

dead letter 1. A letter that is unable to be delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender. The post office must destroy a dead letter if it can't be delivered or returned after a certain period of time. 2. An existing law or agreement that is no longer obeyed or enforced.

The state's Sunday law is a dead letter as many stores open and conduct.

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