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Our featured studio guest is Dan Ranta, Director of Knowledge Sharing KS at ConocoPhillipswho is accountable for the strategic implementation of knowledge sharing for the 31,person integrated oil and gas company. From to the present, KS has documented hundreds of millions of dollars in estimated cash flow for the company.

Knwledge management conocophillips

Pickels talked about how ConocoPhillips developed and maintained a successful knowledge sharing initiative. Audience members really wanted to hear more about ConocoPhillips' enterprise wiki, as well as the ways the organization captures knowledge from retirees.

Check out these highlights from the question and answer session below, and watch the free webinar for more. Some people have a hard time getting their heads around the idea of a corporate wiki.

Does ConocoPhillips provide guidelines to help employees know when to write a wiki article, how long to make it, and what content to put in it? We do not try to control the length of OneWiki articles; our business knows and owns their content.

We do help them create the web of information through training and governance models.

Knwledge management conocophillips

When more content is needed, we suggest breaking it up into chapters i. The length of an article can be shortened if links to other related and more detailed categories grow.

We show people how to identify potential wiki content and we provide details on the advantages of using OneWiki over other available technologies. In addition, we also help our employees identify good sources of content to translate and link to OneWiki articles—these additional sources help tell the story of an article Knwledge management conocophillips piece of content.

In these ways we also help employees know which technology or repository is best for which types of content. You may recall that the presentation Knwledge management conocophillips gave was a case study of a process we created that is repeatable.

It just so happens that one of the members of that case study was a retiree. Within ConocoPhillips, the target audience for that process is any individual who would like to capture information. We encourage the business to define what is critical and what would need to be referenced in the future, which is targeted content—rather than targeted audience.

Designing Effective Knowledge Networks

There are many other instances of pairing individuals so that learning and capture can take place simultaneously. For example, we have a strong program of retirees contracting back to ConocoPhillips and working part-time.

Many of these retirees not only identify gaps in missing knowledge but also create the necessary content. We really aim to weave together what would normally be disconnected pieces of content into the story of why that content is important along with the historical context.

I think we have covered this in some of the above answers, and I would like to remind folks that the presentation used a case study to bring a process to life by giving a tangible example. However, we have a myriad of mentoring programs pairing up newer employees to capture and store information that fills gaps in their learning and experiences that they glean from experts at the time of need.

Capturing tacit knowledge as it is being transferred is difficult, and we have chosen to take a multi-pronged approach.

Knwledge management conocophillips

The OneWiki team then moderates and assists in the process of finding the content or the people to create that information. Our talent management and formal learning teams also ensure we combine lectures with experiential learning in the field delivered by subject matter experts.

This gives our employees at all experience levels, not just new hires, hands-on experience away from the office and our testing labs. It also helps develop the people connections we rely so heavily on at ConocoPhillips. Your process uses interns to help organize and contextualize critical documents.

Our interns are not expected to work alone or in a silo; the Network of Excellence NoE lead and near-retiree were completely involved in the review and processing of information so the intern could learn in real time.

The intern, in this case, was tasked with defining an approach to capture content that he would see the need for in the future, but the actual content review and clean-up was done with the entire NoE core collaboration team, roughly 14 people.

What kind of time commitments are involved in the end-to-end process, and how do you convince all the different generations to get engaged? We have a full-time OneWiki specialist on staff with a near full-time technical support expert to assist with Wiki development, database structure, and maintenance.

Those two resources are part of the larger Knowledge Sharing KS effort at ConocoPhillips and engagement of the end-to-end process is ongoing from a KS perspective. Articles can take a little as a few hours or as much as a few weeks to create, depending on the complexity of the topics being addressed.

OneWiki is one of many tools that enable our employees to address the needs they identify. Rather than target generational differences we find it is best to find the business problem that we are solving and focus on what is in it for the individual.We have ConocoPhillips as our project firm of Knowledge Management.

We learnt a lot about the importance of Knowledge sharing in today’s firms. The company continues to make tremendous progress toward its vision of creating a work place where employees continually deliver additional value through global collaboration and expertise sharing.

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Project to create a Content Management System (SharePoint and Documentum platform) for project guidance; part the Project Management Office (PMO) strategy to improve the delivery of major capital projects Business System Analyst at .

Before joining ConocoPhillips, Mr. Ranta served as Practice Leader of Schlumberger Business Consulting, specializing in fields related to knowledge management (KM), content management, and portals.

Journals, Magazines, Newsletters saw a surge of new magazines and journals, vying to match the few already well established.

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Effective knowledge management, using more collective and systematic processes, will also reduce our tendency to ‘repeat the same mistakes’.

This is, again, extremely costly and inefficient. Effective knowledge management, therefore, can dramatically improve quality of products and/or services.

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