Costume design essay

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Costume design essay

This thesis investigates the conditions — the practices, values and ideals — that have shaped the work of costume designers in recent This thesis investigates the conditions — the practices, values and ideals — that have shaped the work of costume designers in recent Finnish history.

In exploring this theme, an oral history exploring the career of actress—costume designer Liisi Tandefelt, with a specific focus on fifteen selected theatre productions, serves as the primary source of data. The study offers a closer look at the uses of power and the significance of gender in costume design, as well as the ideals and values Tandefelt brought to her work as a costume designer during the period of study.

The thesis falls under the scope of costume design and theatre history, and the research methods and approaches used include oral history, biographical studies, culture and gender studies as well as micro-history and museology.

This thesis underscores the importance of oral history and narration. The key source of data consists of seven interviews with Liisi Tandefelt, conducted during the period — The first four were life story interviews, while the final three focused on certain costume design works.

In the latter interviews, visual material costume sketches, production drawings and photographs served as supporting material to spark memories.

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In addition to reviewing the literature on costumes, theatre, clothing and gender history, visual material — including photographs, costume sketches and production drawings dating as far back as the 19th century — journal articles, theatre critiques and a variety of archival sources were also utilized as sources of data.

The data collected during the series of oral history interviews was analysed for content and narrative structure. Structural analysis revealed the proportion of narrative related to each theme and made it possible to draw conclusions regarding the influence of the visual material on the interview process.

The study demonstrates that oral history can act as a flexible and critical source of data for costume design research.

In addition, the process of conducting the oral history can be empowering for narrator and researcher alike.

The decision to bring supplementary visual material into the interviews proved successful: It inspired explicit discourse on her personal values and ideals as a costume designer.

Costume sketches and photographs provoked memories that had been forgotten or were otherwise inactive. The type of visual material had an impact on the subject and emphasis of the narratives elicited: But they also affected the entire course of her life — not only her motivation on the job, but equally her experiences of motherhood — and the ways in which Tandefelt spoke about her work as a costume designer work ten years after her active career in the field came to an end.

Tandefelt has enjoyed influential status in the hierarchy of professional costume designers in Finland. She has represented the profession on a national level in many instances and contexts, and in doing so, played a major role in defining it. Her high status in professional hierarchies is constructed around many intertwining facets: Experiences related and views expressed by Tandefelt influenced the image of the past of costume design work, formed the values and ideals associated with the profession, and represented the profession not only in the fields of theatre and research but also in broader contexts.

Costume design essay

Tandefelt has in many ways acted as a bearer of cultural memory, having been asked to tell about her experiences in publications, at variety of events and for educational purposes.Directors have long collaborated with designers to transport actors into the past in glorious costume dramas.

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a. Write a research paper about a professional costume designer of national or international reputation and his or her work in cinema or TV. Please illustrate with photo examples of the designer.

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